Your Financial Technology Multichain Ecosystem
Of assets collateralized on FCI Blockchain and serviced by US compliant financial institutions.
Private FCI Blockchain
Our Private Blockchain has been created to support financial institutions with transparency and accountability.
Public FCI Blockchain
Our Public Blockchain serves as a revolutionary bridge between financial institutions, other blockchains, and cryptocurrencies.
FCI IPFS Network
Our IPFS Network of nodes allows you to share, encrypt and keep traceability of every financial document you share with other institutions.
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The FCI Certificate of Authenticity, or Non Public Declaration of Collateralized Asset is a unique digital document inscribed on the FCI Blockchain that represents ownership of real-world financial instruments that contain real estate property in the US as collateral.

Our FCI Certificates of Authenticity currently hold over $20 Billion US in real estate property and accrue daily gains from interest payments. The Certificate of Authenticity can be shared from one owner to another. Payments can be collected in fiat or crypto and all transactions are directly recorded and transferred to the blockchain by a compliant financial institutions. Further, all traceability for the Certificate of Authenticity is registered, transparent and accessible with the correct credentials in our Blockchain Explorer.

How all the FCI applications and blockchains interconnect to create an advanced and unique financial environment full of opportunities to FCI’s users.
FCI Network